Hi there, I’m Jennifer.

I’ve aged 24 beautiful years, and I’ve displaced myself in the state of VA for the past few years with my husband ‘Don’ Michael (Corleone.. maybe not) and our two wild dogs.

I”ve just completed my Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing, and it’s been a wild ride. So wild that the thought of continuing it for the rest of my life both terrifies and excites me. But mostly terrifies. Right before my graduation, however, I received the exciting news that I am expecting a baby! So right now I am not only juggling studying for my state board exams to become a licensed RN, but also focusing on how in the word to be prepared to become a first time mom 😉

I’m also terrible at writing more than a couple paragraphs so I will start to break this down for my organized brain;

I love cooking, and taking pictures of these experiments.
Bubble tea is the most amazing thing ever.
I desire traveling, this year I visited the wild and free country of Costa Rica and, while definitely wild and carefree.. I think it was enough adventure for me this year!
I love asian culture, and some day I will become Asian. Maybe not./
I hate hot weather, unless there’s a beach nearby. Put me as far north as possible otherwise and I’m happy.
I’m a country girl inside, and when I am around my family my gross accent comes out. Otherwise I keep it neatly folded in the deepest corner of my closet.
I read. A lot. Goodreads is my bff.
Pioneerwoman makes me want lots of basset hounds.

Basically I am awesome and I deserve lots of money and chocolate?


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